Fix Your Weak Drumming Hand in 22 Days

A simple program that improves your weak hand in less than 13 minutes a day



  • A proven program for improving your hand speed
  • 6 exercises that will take you less than 13 minutes a day
  • A method for creating realistic goals and hitting them
  • Everything you need for success on a daily basis
  • Program Includes:
    -In depth video lesson of all exercises
    -Sheet music
    -Daily Routine rundown
    -Practice calendar
    -Daily BPM speed chart
    -22 Day checklist

Taught by Stephen Taylor

Stephen Taylor is the founder and owner of and He has a passionate focus to bring online drum education to drummers around the world. Stephen is the founder of the Drum Better Daily membership program, created the first ever drum lesson cable TV channel on the Comcast network, has written and self published three drum method books, and is the creator of multiple online music courses. He lives outside of Nashville, TN with his wife, Kelli, and their 3 awesome kids.